NASDAQ Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence

The NASDAQ Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence award represents the highest honor that a University Entrepreneurship Center can receive. This special award was created by NASDAQ in association with the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers for the purpose of recognizing the unique achievements and outstanding efforts of entrepreneurship centers across the world.

The NASDAQ award honors those centers that have made and will continue to make enormous contributions in advancing entrepreneurship as the force in economic growth throughout the world. The honor is bestowed upon entrepreneurship centers that have made remarkable advancements in the entrepreneurial field in the following areas: entrepreneurship research, outreach to emerging ventures, entrepreneurship curriculum, community collaborations, special projects, and overall prestige and recognition in the entrepreneurship field.

The NASDAQ Award nomination process is simple. Submit a 5-page nomination (plus appendix) based on the criteria for the award below before the deadline at midnight on Friday, July 15, 2016.  Email your nomination in PDF format to Mary Lynn Fernau, Marketing Director for the Rice Alliance at

For questions, email or call:

We encourage you to nominate your university and your center for the 2016 GCEC Awards that will be announced at the Awards Banquet at the 2016 GCEC Conference in Rochester on September 29 – October 1, 2016.

You must download the 2016 GCEC Award Nominations – Instructions and Criteria in order to submit your nomination properly. Click on the document name in order to download. This document provides a description of each award, along with nomination instructions and criteria.

Remember:  the nomination deadline is Midnight, Friday, July 15, 2016!

NASDAQ Application Criteria:

1. National prestige of the Entrepreneurship Program/Center (national rankings or other recognition).
2. National/State recognition achieved (awards, achievements, recognition from other outside organization – e.g. U.S. Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Academy of Management).
3. Entrepreneurship Program Quality and longevity of the program (Ph.D., MBA, BS).
4. Entrepreneurship curriculum development (courses specifically designed for major/minor programs).
5. Contributions to Entrepreneurship Research (Publications/Books/Etc).
6. Outreach activities (significance & uniqueness to the Entrepreneurship Center).
7. Community collaborations (specific to the Entrepreneurship Center).
8. Special projects or accomplishments (unique to the particular center).
9. University/Community commitment to the Entrepreneurship Center in terms of endowment, space, and presence.
10. Commitment to the GCEC.
11. Appendix: Optional – Up to 10 pages of collateral and/or supporting information (non-text).

Note: Due to the greater number of criteria for the NASDAQ award, the nominee can submit up to 5 pages (vs. 3 for the other GCEC Awards), plus a cover page, for their nomination, plus an optional appendix of up to 10 pages.

Previous Winners: NASDAQ Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence

2014 –
University of Maryland
2012 – Oklahoma State University
2011 – Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship – Rice University
2010 – Baylor University
2009 – University of Southern California
2008 – University of Arizona
2007 – MIT Entrepreneurship Center
2006 – University of California – Berkeley
Pennsylvania State University – Farrell Center for Corporate Entrepreneurship
University of North Carolina – Kenan-Flagler Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Stanford University – Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Syracuse University – Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship
University of Portland – Center for Entrepreneurship
Texas Christian University – Ryffel Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
University of Notre Dame – Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
University of Colorado-Boulder – Deming Center for Entrepreneurship
Babson College – Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship
Indiana University – Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship
St. Louis University – Smurfit Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Columbia University – Eugene M. Lang Center for Entrepreneurship
Cornell University – Entrepreneurship & Personal Enterprise Program
University of Arizona – Karl Eller Center for Entrepreneurship
University of Illinois – Chicago – Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
Wake Forest University – The Angell Center for Entrepreneurship
Kauffman Foundation – Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
University of Southern California – Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
University of Maryland – Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
Ball State University – Midwest Entrepreneurial Education Center
Carnegie-Mellon University – Jones Center for Entrepreneurship
Brigham Young University – Center for Entrepreneurship
San Diego State University – Center for Entrepreneurship
University of Virginia – Batten Center for Entrepreneurship

Note: Prior to 2006, multiple schools receive the NASDAQ award. In 2006, additional categories of awards were created. No NASDAQ Award was presented in 2015 and 2013.