21st Century Entrepreneurship Research Fellows

The mission of the 21st Century Entrepreneurship Research Fellows is to advance entrepreneurship research by:


  • Identifying leading edge research issues and domains, and encouraging the conduct of such research through information sharing with GCEC member institutions and the larger community of entrepreneurship scholars.
  • Sharing “best practices” involving how the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) members can facilitate high quality entrepreneurship research within their institutions.
  • Developing and conducting high profile research initiatives that demonstrate the highest level of scholarship to entrepreneurship centers and the academic community at large.
  • Promoting the value and prestige of entrepreneurship journals to the entire academic community.


Dr. David B. Audretsch
Dr. Candida G. Brush
Dr. Jeffrey G. Covin
Dr. Per Davidsson
Dr. Michael A. Hitt
Dr. R. Duane Ireland
Dr. Donald F. Kuratko
Dr. G. Thomas Lumpkin
Dr. Patricia P. McDougall
Dr. Jeffery S. McMullen
Dr. Michael H. Morris
Dr. Harry J. Sapienza
Dr. Dean A. Shepherd
Dr. Mike Wright
Dr. Shaker A. Zahra