Center Leader Academy + GCEC Certificate 

Expand your skills and knowledge to take on a center leadership role


There has been tremendous growth in the number entrepreneurship centers across the world over the past two decades. At the same time, development opportunities for center leaders and staff have not kept pace. The Center Leader Academy was founded out of the realization that education and training in this area was needed.


Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) has partnered with The Center Leader Academy (CLA) to facilitate the development of Center Leaders as a viable career path, support the development of Center Leaders and those who aspire to be Center Leaders while providing legitimacy and credibility to the role of a Center Leader through a comprehensive certification process.


Developed and led by an international team of ?entrepreneurship Center Directors, the CLA Center Leader Certification program provides comprehensive training in key areas, preparing individuals across disciplines to manage with the issues of starting a center and/or becoming a first-time administrator. CLA provides best-in-class knowledge and training in support of career development for entrepreneurship Center Leaders and those who aspire to be Center Leaders.


The certification program is targeted to those who are new to or looking to transition into a role as an entrepreneurship Center Director. The program has been designed to introduce the fundamentals of running and growing a center, as this is applicable to those in an existing center and those who are looking to launch a new center.


Find out more here: https://centerleader.org