This award honors an entrepreneurship center that is 5 years old or less, and which was created to serve a specific target audience with a specific purpose.


Application Criteria

  • Clearly state the purpose and goals of the center and include target audience.
  • Briefly discuss the rationale for creating this entrepreneurship center to include how stakeholder interest and support were gathered.
  • Provide a graphical timeline depicting major milestones for the development of the center from conception to current year.
  • Provide a list of specific achievements to date with a brief explanation.
  • Appendix (not included in the 5 page limit):
  • Provide a center organizational chart to include faculty, staff, other personnel, and strategic partners.
  • Include up to two (2) other items of your choice that best reflect the goals of your emerging center.


Judging Criteria

  • Met all the requirements of the award application. GCEC will not accept applications that do not follow the instructions for submission.
  • Responded effectively to the specific criteria for this award as listed in the Application Criteria section. Each requirement as outlined in the Application Criteria will be judged on a 5 point scale, with 5 being exceptional.


Application Submission Requirements

  • One PDF file no more than 4MB in size and labeled with center’s name and containing:
  • Application no more than 5 pages in length with normal font and margins.
  • Required appendix materials (not included in the 5 page limit).


Award and Nomination Information